Jul 172017

Gestalten Sie das Netz der Zukunft Gemeinsam mit Ihnen planen wir Ihr Einstiegs- u. Entwicklungsprogramm in mindestens drei verschiedenen Bereichen, wobei die Schwerpunkte Ihrer Tätigkeit in der Netztechnik und den Netzdiensten liegen werd…

Bayernwerk [DE]

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    “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” It’s easy to talk about your strengths; you’re detail oriented, hard working, a team player, etc.–but it’s also easy to get tripped up when discussing your weaknesses, Teach says. Never talk about a real weakness unless it’s something you’ve defeated. “Many hiring managers are hip to the overused responses, such as, ‘Well, my biggest weakness is that I work too hard so I need try to take it easy once in a while.’ The best answer is to discuss a weakness that you’ve turned around, such as, you used to come in late to work a lot but after your supervisor explained why it was necessary for you to come in on time, you were never late again.”
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    What constitutes success at this position and this firm or nonprofit? This question shows your interest in being successful there, and the answer will show you both how to get ahead and whether it is a good fit for you.