Jan 112017

Wir suchen ab sofort einen Pflegehelfer m/w für die Betreuung von Patienten in einem Berliner Krankenhaus! Sie betreuen speziell Patienten, die an einer Lungenkrankheit leiden. Stellenprofil stationäre Pflege Betreuung der Patienten au…

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Tell Me One Thing You Would Change About Your Last JobBeware over sharing or making disparaging comments about former coworkers or supervisors, as you might be burning bridges. But an additional trouble point in answering this query is showing yourself to be someone who can'??t vocalize their problems as they arise. Why didn'??t you correct the issue at the time? Be prepared with an answer that doesn't criticize a colleague or paint you in an unflattering light. A safe scapegoat? Outdated technology.
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Can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with?Notice how the question is phrased; it assumes you will get the job. This question also tells you about the people you will interact with on a daily basis, so listen to the answer closely.